Friday, 14 December 2007

To dine for

Inspired by this article, I was wondering how many people out there have tried ‘weird’ food? And I don’t mean sushi or rabbit, I mean things like deep-fried haggis (tried it - Scotland) or chili flavoured ice cream (tried it - Scotland). Below is a list of some of the other unusual things I’ve had and where I tasted them:

· Deep fried Mars bars – Scotland
· Horse meat – France & Italy
· Pigeon – Egypt
· Giraffe – Namibia
· Blesbok - Namibia
· Crocodile – Australia
· Kangaroo – Australia
· Emu – Australia
· Sheep (various bits incl brains, eyes, heart, liver) – South Africa
· Oxtail and bull’s balls – South Africa
· Karoo Oysters (grilled sheep’s liver wrapped in kidney fat) – South Africa
· Black pudding (pig’s blood) – UK

Have you tried anything weird? Leave a note in the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

I used to snack on dried Mopani worms occasionally. When I still ate meaty things.

6000 said...

Biltong must be there or there abouts, surely.

Dried raw ostrich meat?

Yes, it's lovely stuff, but the idea does seem a bit odd at first.

DelBoy said...

Kyk: I forgot about the Mopani worms. We used to snack on those when we were kids!
6000: OK, so we can add dried ostrich, dried kudu, dried springbok and dried fish.

Terri said...

The weird things I've tasted mostly run to the alcoholic drink -variety. Haraki in Crete, best taken with a sideplate of prickly pears is way up there.

Goblin said...

Chocolate chili ice cream is divine! I remember really enjoying black pudding till I got told what it was and I promptly stopped eating it. Besides the list of Aussie meats you have there I really think black pudding is the weirdest I've been.