Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Home sweet home

The feel of the new carpet under your feet and the smell of fresh paint. The echo of empty rooms and the unfamiliar sounds of creaking floorboards. These are all the things that come with a new house.

We finally moved in last weekend. The builder had actually managed to get everything done before settlement. Friday night we hung the curtains (most of them) and moved boxes, Saturday we moved the furniture and put up a washing line and Sunday we put up the letterbox!

We had our first home-cooked meal at our new dining table last night. It was a little weird to have dinner and a coffee and then have nothing to do after that – nope, no TV or Internet at home yet. Not even a telephone for that matter!

The bit that I’m not looking forward to is landscaping the garden. At the moment it looks like the Highveld after a good rain! Grass is creeping up over the deck which is at least 3 feet above the ground!

Looks like my Christmas holiday will be a busy one. At least I can get some sun on my pasty quasi-Pom skin!

Chat soon,

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