Tuesday, 4 December 2007


We haven’t moved yet! The settlement date was meant to be yesterday (3 December) but it was put off until tomorrow ‘cos our ‘friend’, the builder, hasn’t finished yet! All he had to do in the 5 weeks since we signed the contracts was install the oven, hob and range hood (which an electrician does anyway!), the door handles on some of the bedroom doors and cupboards and cut off a strip of wood on the decking which was longer than the rest. He managed to cut the piece of wood shorter!

So, now we’re in limbo! We went to inspect on Saturday only to discover some other issues. Leaking gutters, badly fitted cupboard doors and chipped shelves inside the cupboard.

We’re almost completely packed to move when last night we receive an email from the agent saying that the jobs won’t be done before Friday! Well, Mr Builder Man. Don’t think you’re getting any money before you finish your work. ‘Cos I know it will be even harder to get you to fix things once the cash is in your wallet!

Chat soon,

PS: I just got a phone call from the solicitor. Settlement has now been moved to Friday!!


Tot's Mom said...

You are now in AUstralia? I used to live in Sydney. Melbourne is a nice place too but funny weather it has.

The Divine Miss M said...


Good luck getting in your house :)

6000 said...

I love builders. No. Really I do.

Gits. Worldwide.

BTW: I have had to move 6000 miles for the moment: http://6000.co.za/2007/11/30/6000-on-tour/

I love hosting companies. (See builders for details.)

DelBoy said...

Tot's Mom: Funny weather? You can say that again. We had sweltering heat and floods last week!
Miss M: We should be in by the weekend, but don't hold your breath...
6000: Gits... that's nice. BTW, I use freevirtualservers.com for my site. Free and no problems.

Isabel said...

sorry to hear about this!!
has the builder been working any harder this week?? ( I guess I know the answer to that one!!! just dont pay the guy... :p)

miss ya guys