Friday, 26 October 2007

TFI Friday

It’s Friday once again. A crazy busy week at work which just flew by in a complete blur.
Last night I finally got to see Transformers (The Movie). At the Melbourne IMAX which was eye-popping! I went with my sister-in-law who had never been to an IMAX theatre before. She was shell-shocked, not only by the size, but also by the 12 000 Watt sound system. After the 2-½ hour movie, my head was spinning.

Being the start of the weekend, we have all sorts of plans depending on the weather. Tomorrow we are catching up with friends for a braai. Ja, we actually found a butcher who makes real boerewors Now I just have to find some Castle Lager and we’ll be laughing. And yes, we’ll probably watch The Game again.

We are also going to check out our new home tomorrow. We need to measure up for curtains and furniture and things so that we will have everything ready when we move in. And you are invited to the house-warming party of course!

Chat soon,


6000 said...

I get the braai thing.
I completely understand the Boerie thing too.

But why on earth would you want to drink Castle Lager?!?

Because the alternative is Fosters? Ah - now I get the Castle Lager thing too!

DelBoy said...

6000: Nah, no Fosters for miles in Victoria, only VB and Crown Lager.

It's a South African thing, so you probably wouldn't understand. Like craving Pork Scratchings and a pint of warm Marston's Pedigree. ;-)

6000 said...

Marston's Pedigree...