Monday, 15 October 2007

Rugby, rugby, rugby

With the weekend over, I’m finally starting to calm down a little. Again, the underdogs (England) beat the favorites making me very nervous for the SA v Argentina game. Needless to say, I needn’t have worried.

Now the big question is “Can we beat the Poms?” Or more importantly, can Schalk Burger take care of Johnny Wilkinson? He seems to be the only thing keeping Ye Olde English Steam Engine on track. Their rugby is boring to watch and yet it works for them. Ask the Aussies! And it keeps the English happy.

But hopefully Jet Shoes Habana can show them a thing or two and we can walk away with the prize: The Web Ellis Trophy!

Chat soon,

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chitty said...

I've often wondered just what it says about the Poms that their entire match-winning strategy relies so heavily on one person, Johnny Wilkinson.
Neutralise JJohnny and the trophy is ours!