Tuesday, 18 July 2006

London heatwave

This has got to be the best London summer I have ever experienced! It's now 6.30pm and the temperature outside is a mild 32 degrees C!! And tomorrow is meant to be even hotter!

Now as a Saffa I don't mind the heat or the sun, but boy are these Poms suffering! You know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen. Well, it's true. They sit outside all day in the blistering heat, sipping on their pints of lager, shirts off and, of course, no suntan lotion. Tough as nails! But wait until tomorrow. Those same ferrari-red lobsters will be back in the pub, complaining about how damn hot it is!

The best part is that the BBC reckons we could hit a record 37 degrees on Wednesday!

On a less exciting note, I am off to the physiotherapist tomorrow for my third session of 'ruk n pluk' on my shoulder. My old war injuries have been acting up so I thought I'd better use that private health care that the taxman is charging me for and fix myself up a little before the rugby season starts again.

And speaking of rugby, did any of you bother to watch the end of the Aussie v SA game? Can it even be called a game? "Hak, hak, hak! Die Bokke was kak!"

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