Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Cruising the fjords

I spent this last weekend cruising the Norwegian Fjords with friends. What an experience; the views were magnificent and the weather was beautiful!

Our little adventure started with a 3 hour train journey from London to Newcastle, where we boarded our ferry/cruise ship. From here we sailed overnight to Stavanger on the south-west coast of Norway. A short stop in Stavanger then we headed north, first to Haugesund and finally on to Bergen. By the time we got to Bergen, the sun was roasting after a foggy Friday night and Saturday morning.

We had two hours in Bergen, so we decided to ride the funicular to the top of Mount Floyen for a view of the fjord. It wasn't cheap, but was well worth the ride!

The return journey was the same in reverse. Back to Haugesund, then to Stavanger which we left at midnight arriving back in Newcastle at 6pm on Sunday.

Moments to remember: On-board BBQ while leaving Newcastle(!); getting tipsy on VERY expensive beer and listening to the terrible band in the bar; eye-popping scenery while sailing up the fjords between the hundreds of little islands; the orange-tainted sunset at 10.30pm on Saturday night; whipping 'The King' at his own game (more than once); sunning ourselves on the deck; a visit to the bridge and meeting the Captain; almost not getting our 3 month old son back into the UK because he has no visa (but that's a different story that I'll blog later)!

Below are some of the photos and panoramas that we took.

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roffe said...

Yes, the fjord in Norway is fantastic..Greetings from Norway....