Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Melbourne lunch

Today I went for lunch with Col and Dazzler at a small Italian place on Little Collins Street called Benito’s. I thought I’d write about it ‘cos the food was amazing!

Firstly, we had to sit at the counter ‘cos we hadn’t booked a table and the place was full – at 12.30pm! We didn’t have time for starters, so went straight onto our mains. The guys had lasagna, which was huge! I ordered the pappardelle with chicken livers and red onion. It was delicious! The pasta was cooked to perfection - al dente!

The service was a little slow, but considering how busy it was and how good the company was, it didn’t matter.

I was looking forward to an espresso (apparently Benito’s make the perfect coffee too) but we ran out of time and I had to rush back to the office.

Chat soon,


The Divine Miss M said...

Sounds yummy *jealous*

I'm heading home to CT in a couple of weeks and the one thing that I am so looking forward to is the eating out!!!

I can't afford it much in London

6000 said...

How do the Melbourne food prices compare to SA/UK?

Cape Town is getting very pricey now. Tourism is definitely driving it (although the restaurants claims it's just petrol and food inflation). It's getting ard to find decent food at decent prices.

DelBoy said...

miss m: London food prices are ridiculous but there is an amazing variety of eateries. From fish & chips to pub to Michelin restaurants, you guys have it all!!
6000: Compared to the UK, it's obviously cheap. Probably on a par with Cape Town prices though. When I was in CT in Feb, I was shocked at how expensive things have become. All those Poms living over there are pushing the prices up for the locals. ;-)
Melbourne restaurants, in general, are excellent but I must say that service over here isn't great. Probably something to do with the fact that nobody tips!

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