Sunday, 9 September 2007

On yer bike!

I finally got out on my bike again today. I had it serviced this week and brought it home on Friday night. With the great weather we've been having, I couldn't wait to get out there!

So this afternoon I took a gentle ride through Dandenong Creek, up the killer hill that is Moorak Road, back down Terrara Road and then home through Bellbird Dell. I was a great 12km ride and now I'm not even stiff!!

With it getting dark later every night, I'm hoping that this will become a regular thing on week nights!

Chat soon,


simba said...

12kms? paul and i cycled 50 miles the other day! oh yeah, i told you. accidentally ended up in eastbourne - via pevensey! was good chatting to you bunch - well, at least saying 'hello' hello' a few times. chat for real soon.

DelBoy said...

Just a warm-up ride. You still have to beat my 160km ride I did last year! ;-)

6000 said...

It looks pretty flat to me.
But then, it is a 2D map, I guess...