Wednesday, 2 May 2007

May Madness

Finally April is out of the way and we start heading towards a glorious summer. Although summer seems to have already come to London! It's been over 20 degrees every day this week, starting with a magnificent Sunday lunch down at the river with friends.

My madness was actually last week: short staffed, I worked too many hours of which half were in the kitchen. It was also very busy (we beat budget by almost 18%!) which put a lot of pressure on everyone!

On the bright side, we braaied twice last week, Josh turned one and The Sharks moved up to 2nd place in the Super 14 rankings!

I handed in my notice too. It's all getting very real now; only 8 more weeks to go before we leave. The route is planned, the tickets are paid for. The only catch is that I don't yet have a visa to go and live in Aus!

Chat soon,

PS:Watch the braai video on YouTube. It's hilarious!

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Terri said...

LOL! That video is excellent!
Wow, only 8 weeks left?