Thursday, 15 March 2007


We got back from Estonia yesterday. Fortunately, it wasn't as cold as it has been over the past few weeks. Sunday was the coldest, dropping down to about 3 degrees C. Better than last week's -17C!

The city of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, is magnificent. A beautifully preserved Medieval City. Church spires stretch up into the sky at regular intervals, all surrounded by a very well preserved city wall. Standing guard is 'Fat Margaret', a tower which used to be the gateway between the city and the ancient port.

The port is now one of the busiest on the Baltic Sea, with more visitors arriving in Tallinn by sea than by any other means. Helsinki is a mere 80km away by ferry.

We also had some fantastic food - from fat, juicy steak to delicious pork fillet. And as for desserts. Wow! According to legend, marzipan was invented in Tallinn.

After a 48 hour whirlwind tour of the city (including a rather depressing zoo), we headed home with sore feet and a little bit of a sun-tan!

Photos to follow.

Chat soon,


Terri said...

How do you get a suntan when it's 3 degrees outside..?!

Isabel said...

suntan when its 3 degrees??? Def living in london for way to long, u lightweight.


DelBoy said...

Mmmmm, OK, so it was the sunburn from the glare off the snow!