Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Sin City

Last night was our company Christmas party. Yes, you read right; Christmas party. Us hospitality types always have our Christmas do in the new year. This is actually quite early for us. Last year we had it in May!

The theme was Casino Royale, so the dress was pretty formal. Of course, I was dressed to the nines with a penguin suit (see photo below) and Deb wore a black dress and heels!

The night started off quietly. We got there early 'cos we had to leave early to let our poor baby-sitters go home. We had some delicious food and then hit the tables.

Deb managed to win quite quickly while it seemed that I couldn't do anything right. My first gamble was on roulette - 21 red. I won!! £350!! But it was downhill from there!

We then moved on to the poker table. Deb was straight into the cash, but my winnings dwindled quickly! I lost it all, but we still managed to walk away with £650. Now don't get too excited. The chips were only for play money so we actually had nothing.

By this time we were pretty thirsty so we headed back to the bar area for some more (free) drinks. The band started playing and by now everyone had let there hair down. We eventually dragged ourselves away at around 11.30pm.

Thanks to Isi & B for baby-sitting. Hope you're not too tired at work today!

Chat soon,

PS: Only 5 days left till I'm off on holiday!!


kyknoord said...

Stylish :-) Of course, your loss at the tables might be your karmic debt for reminding the rest of us that we have another 330 days until our next holiday.

Isabel said...

Hello u!!
Yes, we were very tired at work!!!! :p

Glad you guys had a good time.

Speak soon,

Terri said...

Ooh, y'all look very swish indeed!
I'm so jealous that you're going home, Cuz. Have a ball.

Katt said...

A very handsome couple indeed. A man in a tux and a lady in black - always a good combination.