Monday, 12 June 2006

Football Fever

As you can all imagine, football fever has hit England! The pub is always busy, everyone is wearing red and white and most cars are flying those ridiculous little St George's flags from their windows! I'm not much of a soccer/football fan, but I am male and therefore, love watching sport. Any sport!

Yesterday was a major day for us! With England kicking off at 2pm and the sunshine glaring down on most of the UK (28 degrees in London), we were packed from opening time. We served beer non stop as the fans watched England win an uninspiring game against Paraguay 1-0. To say that we sold a lot of beer is an understatement. It was our busiest day of the year (by £400) so far. If England manage to get past the quarter finals, I'm sure we will have busier days.

After the game it took 12 of us almost an hour to clean up the mess. The most annoying thing was picking up cans and bottles that the fans had brought in from outside. Why bother to go to the pub to watch the game if you're going to bring your own. Watch it at home with your mates! All games are shown on terrestrial TV!!

Anyway, below are some pics I took with my phone.

Chat soon,

PS: Nearly forgot. The Boks beat Scotland by the biggest margin ever on home soil. 36-16!!

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